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Our Technologies

Unlike generic OCR software, DEEPSITE Document Insighter®, powered by AI and ML, reads unseen, semi-structured documents that don’t follow a standard template

We Are Using Cutting-edge Technologies Include

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Deep-learning Models for Tables & Form Understanding

Document Insigher® is powered by our self-developed deep learning models (GNN) for tabular data extraction and form/pair data structure understanding. The model simply turns human-readable into machine-readable, even in the face of variability and changes in document layout.

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Multilingualism OCR & Ontology Engine

Document Insigher® provides a highly accurate OCR engine to recognize both printed and handwriting text in different languages. Our self-developed Ontology Engine can be used for cross-language synonyms mapping, like material name, and testing parameters in the supply chain.

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Smart 3-Way Matching & Zero-Touch Workflow

Efficiently verify extracted key information and master data using Document Insigher® and quickly perform 3-way matching for inconsistencies. Connect a single document gateway directly to all existing inboxes, scanners, and Document Management Systems to automate workflows.

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