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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Supply Chain

Automate Processes to Work with Your Customers and Vendors

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Sales Order Acceleration

Turn Your Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage with Sales Orders

The processing of customer orders is significantly accelerated with Document Insighter. The solution also maps variant configuration for materials without the need to jump to SAP. Time-consuming routine jobs like routing documents via internal mail and manual capturing of order data omitted. All orders are reliably captured, the loss of documents is precluded.


Order Confirmation Acceleration

More efficiency, transparency and reliability in the processing of order confirmations you achieve with Document Insighter. This solution recognizes content such as material number, price and quantity automatically and compares this data with the SAP order. If the document is consistent, it can be booked. 

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Quality Control Acceleration

​Deepsite is the first fully automated COA system on the market

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Deepsite’s A.I.-powered system generates a faster, more accurate, risk-free supply chain.

Reads vendor documents in seconds.

Automatically compares COA results with product specifications.

Flags-up high-risk vendors with unstable results.

Eliminates the need for high-volume lab testing.

Cuts Raw Material Test time from days to just minutes.

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Invoice Acceleration

Swiftly extract invoice data and automatically export it to your business systems. Document Insighter Scanning incoming invoices on paper. Automated adoption of electronic data from fax and email. Interpretation of the recognized content, and automated assigning and comparing with your master and transaction data. Simply by clicking after release and verify or automatically in the background if the document is consistent. 

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We Integrate with Your Ecosystem

Automate the flow of documents, captured data, analytical data like cost codes or approvals independently of the target system. Document Insighter integrates with the leading systems and offers professional services for tailor-made integrations.
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